Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So far this semester, we've spend a lot of time analyzing. We analyze when we read the essays in our book. We analyze topics out loud in discussion. We analyze arguments on the page when we write.

For your midterm, you are going to analyze an episode of a TV show. You can pick any show you like. It helps to choose a show that has some ratings to back it up as a viable piece of entertainment. In my classes at Neumann University, we watched Family Guy. Other shows I’d suggest include Scrubs or The Office. It should be a quality show that’s entertaining and meaningful. Reality TV won’t work. (That includes The Hills.) If you have an idea of what you want to watch, but aren’t sure if it will fly, email me.

Just like essays, episodes have thesis statements, or messages that the writers want to convey to the audience. As you watch the show, take notes. Think about what the thesis, or message, of this episode could be. Write 1-2 pages of analysis.

In your analysis, you should:

1. State the message, or thesis statement, of the episode.
2. Describe and analyze three events that happen in the episode and support this message.
3. Explain why is this message important to everyone. What’s the universal message?

Bring your midterm essay typed and stapled to class on Tuesday, October 20th. Please make sure your essay follows the requirements listed in the syllabus as well.

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