Sunday, September 13, 2009

Discussion 1

On Thursday, we discussed Dave Barry's essay, "Beauty and the Beast." The discussion was lead by Ali, Sarah and Marisa. These lovely ladies got us started by asking some great questions. The class agreed that Barry believes men and women are held to different standards of beauty. Our discussion revolved around understanding those standards, and if this argument is true.

There's evidence that society expects a lot from both sexes. Em talked about Barbie - how she is an example of the unrealistic standards set for women. Guys have the same standards set for them with toys like GI Joe. While GI Joe is not always the hottest looking action figure on the shelf, he's a tough guy. Like Pat said, he's bad ass. Barbie and GI Joe set the bar. All women must be pretty and thin. All men must be bad ass.

Our discussion delved into the importance of appearance. While it's the "inside" of a person that counts, many of us agreed that looks matter. As Perry said, you should be able to be attracted to your mate. But attraction is messy.

Everyone has his or her own standard for appearance. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We discovered, however, that appearance is not skin deep. Personality matters more. Not because personality is what's inside. Because personality makes us more attractive. Paige said: "You want someone who's attractive, but not someone who's full of themselves." Kindness is attractive. Conceit is not.

It sounds like we have grown up with standards set before us, but those standards have not molded us. As a society, we know that appearance is important, but it's not skin deep. We are able to laugh and poke fun at the generalizations. We're able to challenge the standards. Sometimes it's by trying new dating methods, like Dating in the Dark. Sometimes it's by keeping our mouths shut!

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  1. i blogged about this. one of the reasons men dont follow the same hightened stadnards is because there are women out there that will settle for extrememly low standards so theyre not alone. and there are aneroxics and bulimics that follow fads, news, and media religiously that think they have to be unnaturall beautiful.